1 Year of Raspberry Pi and Me

Todays post is a bit of a mix of about me and my experience with Raspberry Pi and what I am going to do next, Lets start.

On the 29th of February 2012 (A School day, I think I may have even of had a Mock GCSE Exam that day) I set my computer to boot up at 5:50AM and woke up after it started to boot. This was all to of course, buy the Raspberry Pi.

It took a while, It took me until 5PM That day to order it, (I somehow reserved / added one to my basked before they took it down for order) and when i got home from school I was able to complete the purchase!
Then along come the emails of it not arriving until about this time last year, in the end I had to phone up Farnell quite a bit due to an error on the system (After I got finally told I was going to get it May 2012 I then got an email saying it would be delivered in June. One phone call later it was set to be may).

In May it was GCSE time, So what better than to come home from an exam (I think it was english, my worst subject) to come home to a package through the door from Farnell!

I have to say I did think it was going to be bigger or somehow not what it is, it seemed more powerful than what it was expected to be. And I have a lot more of a powerful computer.

So I got my Pi! But before it I released my map, on the 23rd of May I published Rastrack! And I think it was the biggest post I had with Raspberry Pi ever (15K hits in one day?! It almost Pi Dossed me xD)

So the map really kickstarted my Raspberry Pi experience, while as a computer I can’t fully get used to using it as an computer to work on (Compared to my computer which is well, lets just say fast but IE Still runs slower than chromium on the pi) .

After all of my GCSEs finished we basically finished school, and after watching Mario Marathon I decided, why not fundraise for the Foundation? I then asked my friends on skype and we had a 4 person team ready for the marathon.

RasPiThon was well, a mess. We did not know at all how to code in Python / Pygame, once we finally started we got DDoS attacked. But we continued and created a working* Game! (* The game worked on our PCs but not the Pi or some older computers.)

Finally it was Pideas, this hasn’t been much of a success and I am debating about what I should do to it next. I may open source it, I may not.

The Future

So far I know I am working a little with Alan @ Raspberry Jams to create a map to show the location of Raspberry Jams around the world, I am still debating about RasPiThon. Essentially we have two languages to code it in and two approaches to it. I also want to start working on my non Pi related project called Bit-Quest (A hacking simulation / strategy game which will work on the Pi).


At publishing this post the Rastrack Map has reached over 21,000 Pi. with over 134,728 different visitors to the site. I also have it now in the Raspi-Config tool wich is a big achievement for me this has helped break the 20k barrier.


Thanks – Ryan

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