Starting a LTD company and launching our first product.

Over the last 3 months I have started up my own business and launched my first product via the company. Its been a fun but very hard journey to do for multiple reasons, Here are some of the reasons why.

Starting the LTD Company
I have to say I found it pretty simple to start the company, I had to register with companies house and do a few bits to get all started but otherwise it was pretty simple.

Designing the kit
The kit went through three design variations, the first version was smaller and contained a voltage regulator but then got a lot hotter quicker than would have been ideal at the minimum end of the voltage regulators specification, from where it was so small it was pretty hard to solder and had no method of breaking out any pins for logic.  The second version was scrapped straight away from where there was a mistake with the PCB and version 3 which is the released kit was the simplest and cheapest to produce at the right price point.

Fundraising the kit
Fundraising started off great, we got the amount of kits that we needed to make it possible and then LOTS more. The fundraiser was an huge success!

Then came issue 1: Paypal
I fully understand paypal denying me if it was my own personal account or if I was a sole trader from where their terms and conditions state “if you are an individual, be at least 18 years old”. When you then apply this to my company it makes no sense, instead it is Ryanteck LTD. and is not counted as an individual to anyone else (The bank use Ryanteck LTD. on the paperwork.) After a lot of hassle with them I finally got the fundraiser money off them and then continued with the making of the kits.

Issue 2: Parts
The kit is a pretty simple kit, its a total of 6 different components with one of them being our PCB. The PCBs arrived pretty quickly and in great quality from and we tested over 50 of them and they all worked great, but the other components was a bit of a hassle.

Tip 1 – Price on more expensive components
Even if you are going to go with a cheaper supplier I recommend you base your costings on the more expensive suppliers or get an average cost from multiple suppliers. It takes extra time but if the cheapest supplier does not have that component in stock then you will need to go to the more expensive ones which cost more.

In the end I went to 5 different suppliers instead of the 1 I planned to buy everything off.  Most of the components cost 5-10P more per unit but one component costing 10P less a unit. Luckily we calculated in case this happened so were fine.

We had all of the components finally arrive Mid December, when I had the components I packaged them into small anti-static bags and stuck labels on ready to be posted off. For the packaging I counted the components out instead of using scales as some components wouldn’t pick up on the scales.

After I then brought jiffy bags and sticker labels that I then printed on the postage addresses and a PPI image from Royal Mail to pay for postage in bulk. Finally after they were all packaged up and waiting for the rest of the postal information to come through I finally shipped the kits.

And that is it! Now you can buy it via Tindie, Us & Amazon. All of the information you need can be found at


From Ryanteck LTD.

Ryanteck Raspberry Pi Motor Controller Board!



Click here to go to buy one now!

What is it?

The RTK-000-001 is a budget motor controller board for the Raspberry Pi. Capable of driving two DC motors at 0.5A each (Or 1 motor at 1A) at 4.5-12V (Although the chip is capable of 35V the board is only designed for 12V and this is all we at Ryanteck recommend to use it at).

To setup the board all you need to do is screw in the motors into the M1 and M2 terminals and screw in cables for the voltage for the motors in the DC in socket. Clip it ontop of your Raspberry Pi. Then simply write your code to turn on the pins required for that motor. Its that simple! Want to do speed control? Software PWM on the Raspberry Pi works great with this add on!

New Feature in Rastrack, Invisibleness!

Well I have been doing some modifications to and have now implemented a new feature. Invisible Pi!

The feature is another check box on sign up or change of details. You can click make my Pi invisible and no one can see the Pi on the map!

In return you will be required to sign up to newsletters and notifications of Raspberry Jams near you!


Thats it for this week, still awaiting upon stuff to arrive for the next announcement.

Stevenage Raspberry Jam Post Event

This blog post is just a collection of Images & Tweets from the event, Enjoy!


Servers, Jams, RPiDNS & Training


Welcome to today’s blog post, I have been pretty inactive from where I have been busy with all of the following and more! I expect a blogpost in about a week or two with another announcement or two. Hopefully all will go well allowing me to announce them!

Server Reinstalls

Over the next few weeks I will be reinstalling all 3 of my servers. By reinstalling them week by week you should notice minimum impact on Rastrack, Ryanteck & RPiDNS. Currently 1/3 Servers have been reinstalled. Thank god for Mongo and its awesomesauce replica sets.

Raspberry Jams

Stevenage Jam – 26th Of October

I am going to be hosting my first Raspberry Jam this weekend! As this is my first I hope everything will go to plan and that it will be awesome!

MCR Rasjam – 16th Of November

I will be finally making my way to Manchester for 1 day to meet up with Ben Nuttall and everyone up north at the jam. Awesomesauce is ensured.

Cambridge Jam – 7th of December

Once again I will also be making my way to the Cambridge Raspberry Jam and will be helping out and hopefully be launching and demonstrating RPiDNS.

RPiDNS Progress

From where I have been busy RPiDNS has been delayed by a little bit. The current ETA of launch is the 7th of December. Currently the code to update the RPi is completed. To do is the DNS and Proxy services.

Raspberry Pi Training

Me and David are going to be training some of my fellow students on the Raspberry Pi tomorrow, to be honest I do wonder how many will be interested once they see it working. The most I have been able to show them is blinking lights and spinny lights of doom. Oh and Quake III

Its harder to be legal than to be a Pirate

Well I had to reinstall a virtual box with win 7 in to be able to do some college work. The win 7 key worked fine but the Office key was “revoked”. Quite simply to put it.

Trying to use a LEGAL key that I Brought is harder than if I was just to pirate it. I wouldn’t have had to have spent an hour on the phone just to find out the key was revoked or made invalid. In the end I will just use Libre Office for my college work.

So hopefully I will be able to make an post tomorrow or Tuesday with how the training went, and an possible announcement or 2 on Friday and next week.


Rastrack Addition Tutorial

In this guide we will explain how to add your Raspberry Pi to the Rastrack Map. First off showing you via the configuration tool on the Raspberry Pi and then via the website.

Continue reading

RPiDNS Dev Client 0.1 Completed!

The first completed client is finished. Apart from creating a DEB installer this is pretty much the code for it.

You can download it at

Create a directory in /usr/bin/ called rpidns (Sudo)

Extract the files into the new rpidns directory (sudo)

Run ./rpidnsinstall
Run ./rpidnsconfigure

Your done!

Cambridge Raspberry Jam 2013

Well yesterday I was at the Cambridge Raspberry Jam! And everything was just awesome.

Good job to everyone presenting and showing projects they have done there! Also double great job to Recantha! (How I remember peoples twitter names easier than real names I have no idea…)

I’m off to do homework then some RPiDNS Coding.

Oh and you can watch my presentation soon along with everyone elses.

Announcing RPiDNS! – Live Stream Tomorrow

Hi Guys,

I’l be at the Cambridge Raspberry Jam tomorrow presenting about!

If your their, Awesome! If not you can watch via a live stream which you can get a free ticket for at

Recordings are also planned.